Taylor Swift To Snapchat: 10 MaccaPR Posts That Captivated You

Now that our MaccaPR blog is heading into its fourth year, come with us as we revisit the most successful posts of 2015. Similar to last year (and in previous collections), our most viewed and shared blog posts featured social media trends, content marketing tips and pop culture-related PR topics:

COUNTDOWN: the top 10 MaccaPR posts of 2015*

10. Shattering Stereotypes with Marketing: A Conversation with The Brand Lab
Should we care that in the U.S. barely 4.5 percent of U.S. advertising, PR and marketing managers are African-American? Absolutely. Last November, Paul Maccabee sat down with Minneapolis-based The BrandLab to chat about what the nonprofit is doing to change that alarming statistic - and what PR and marketing professionals can do to help make our industry more diverse. If you haven’t already, read it now.

9. LinkedIn Pulse: The Next Content Marketing Must-Have?
Long gone are the days when LinkedIn was seen as just an online resume placeholder or recruiting vehicle. With Pulse, the newsreader app acquired by LinkedIn two years ago, LinkedIn has become an indestructible weapon in your content marketing arsenal - where you can contribute your quality content.

8. 5 Mistakes Entry Level PR Job Seekers Make & How To Avoid Them

Today, entry level PR job seekers are expected to know everything from B2B content marketing strategies to SEO and social media, on top of knowing how traditional publicity tactics work. So, it's no surprise that MaccaPR readers were curious to learn what our chief talent officer and EVP Gwen Chynoweth had to say about getting that coveted first break in the PR industry.

7. 12 Secrets to Protecting Your Brand From Celebrity Scandals

Protect-Brand-Celebrity-Scandal.jpgFrom Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle to ex-Jello rep Bill Cosby, 2015 was chock-full of scandalous revelations that left brands (including a certain sandwich chain) looking for a fresh new taste – and crisis advice. Please don't let your brand succumb to scandals in 2016; protect your image by reading this counsel from Minneapolis sports and entertainment attorney Lee Hutton and Los Angeles-based corporate security and personal protection expert Elijah Shaw.

6. 3 Ways Your Brand Can Embrace the Marketing Power of Snapchat
Snapchat has become the answer to capturing any 18-year-old Millennial's attention. For the major keys to successful Snapchat marketing, take a look at Julia Irwin’s expertise on the 100 million user platform.



5. Our PR Agency's Secrets For Top Performing Resumes
In the first part of her resume and cover letter blog post series, Chynoweth answers the age-old question: what will make my resume stand out? Job seekers and future grads, start taking notes!


4. Hyundai "Message To Space" TV Spot - Marketing Masterpiece or Brilliant Illusion?

Earlier in 2015, Hyundai asked: Can a car deliver a message to space? The "emotionally touching, cosmically enchanting" advertisement, which has nearly 70 million views on YouTube, left Maccabee with his own question: Did Hyundai concoct portions of its TV spot? And, if so, what is the understanding of honesty (or deception) between advertisers and their consumers?

3. 4 Big Content Marketing Lessons From General Mills, 3M, Ameriprise Financial and SCHERMER


If youre revamping your company’s content marketing strategy in 2016, Maccabee AE Leila Hirsch's recap of a March 2015 event (co-sponsored by Maccabee PR and Minnesota PRSA) helps you reach the holy grail of effective content marketing.


2. 5 Ways to Get Your Sales Team Jazzed About Inbound Marketing

inbound-1.jpgIn her spare time from soaking in every ounce of knowledge from Hubspot's Inbound marketing conferenceMaccabee VP Christina Milanowski shared her insights from one particularly compelling session. If you're a CMO, PR professional or digital marketing specialist planning to leverage inbound strategies in 2016, you need to check out Christina's session recap.

1. What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing

Unless you've been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that Taylor Swift was the Social Media Marketing Queen of 2015. It's only fitting that Swift graces the top of our blog list here at Maccabee. If you're still unsure whether or not social media marketing is right for your brand, this post is a must-read as our founder (and devoted Swiftie) shares the lessons behind the Nashville songstress' genius social media outreach. 

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