The Super Bowl-Sized Impact of Social Media on TV

football.jpgWhile it's no surprise that more than half (61 percent) of Super Bowl viewers will share ad content on social media, it serves as an astonishing reminder of the powerful shift toward Social TV. In staggering numbers, consumers will continue to watch television content while also interacting with others about it on social media. The online world from YouTube to Twitter and Facebook is creating new inroads for entertainment - and marketing, as we discussed in our post last November (This is... "The Voice" of Media Consumption: Social TV).

Have you ever posted about the Super Bowl on Facebook?

The National Football League's Super Bowl XLVIII is a prime example of the impact of social media on TV. A new survey from CrowdTap, a social influence platform, shows that Facebook dominates game time activity… and that’s not all. Other forms of online and electronic communications will ensue at the height of game play this weekend, as evidenced in the "Social Side of Super Bowl Ads" infographic from CrowdTap posted on Mashable today:

Social Side of Super Bowl

Statistics about Super Bowl Watching and Social Media

  • Sparking Early Engagement: 1 in 4 viewers will likely post about Super Bowl ads on social media before the game.
  • The Social Ripple: 55 percent of survey respondents said they'd look up Super Bowl ads before the game because friend/family member posts on social media.
  • Game Time Gabbing: 41.2 percent of respondents said they expect to be on social media during "most, if not all of the Super Bowl."
  • Brand Bowling: At a 4 to 1 ratio, viewers say after the big game they are most likely to like or follow a brand on Facebook or Twitter, versus a football team.
  • Facebook Fandom: 55.8 percent of respondents say they'll be posting on Facebook about the Super Bowl; this tops texting, calling, tweeting, searching, emailing, IM'ing and blogging as primary responses.

As BMO Capital analyst Dan Salmon predicted last year, "expect to see more from Facebook," and more from Facebook we do see. Though, there is sure to be no shortage of Super Bowl engagement on Twitter – by both fans and brands.

We wonder… which brand will top Oreo’s now infamous tweet last year when TV viewers across the world watched as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome mysteriously lost power?

Image Source: Skitter Photo / CrowdTap

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