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Just finished attending the opening keynote from Michael Stelzner, the master planner of this week's 2,000-attendee social conference underway in San Diego, Calif. Michael unveiled initial findings from his Social Media Examiner survey of marketers summarizing the state of social media.

7 Trends from SMMW

What follows are the seven social media trends you need to know about in 2014:

1. Web traffic and exposure from social are improving. Stelzner noted that Web traffic and brand exposure are key success factors for social media marketing. Marketers are reporting increases in these particular metrics on social.

2. Visuals in marketing are a huge trend. It’s no surprise that photos and visuals are increasingly important in social strategies. With Instagram and Pinterest gaining more power for brands (see our recent post on food brands and Instagram), Stelzner posited that social sharing can be likened to free advertising. He pointed to stellar examples from FitBit and Constant Contact's Pinterest photos.

Fit Bit

3. Blogging is increasingly a focus for most marketers. Stelzner noted that the resources needed for creating original written content is cheaper than, for example, paying for Facebook reach. The secret weapons of social media: Social sharing and blogging. Bottomline: Create quality and shareable content.

4. Google Plus tops marketers’ lists for learning. Still underutilized, Stelzner points out several advantages of Google Plus over Facebook including the functionality to play animated gifs (those short, moveable image files) and the fact that posted text can be much longer. Take a look at one good Google Plus case study he shared: Helmet City.

5. Podcasting is a huge green field opportunity. With nearly every major car manufacturer signing on with podcast players Apple CarPlay, Stitcher and/or TuneIn, podcasts have the potential to hugely disrupt radio as we know it. From his personal podcasting experience with Social Media Marketing, Stelzner added that podcasts lead to super loyal fans. Fun Fact: Approximately 25 percent of confereence attendees are also fans of Stelzner’s podcast.

6. Social ROI remains elusive. The mystery of social media marketing return on investment has not gone away. 

7. Facebook ads trump all others. Survey finding show that 90 percent of marketers use Facebook ads – and, when targeted correctly, these ads can be very worthwhile.

Stay tuned to MaccaPR for more updates from the social media marketing conference... and follow the fast and furious chatter on Twitter with conference hashtag #SMMW14!

Image Source: Social Media Examiner

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