Your Top 4 Benefits of Working with Sponsored Bloggers (Part 1)

SponsoredBloggerHeader-1.jpgIn today’s hyper-digitalized marketing world, consumer brands must take a hard look at how they distribute content - infographics, e-books, videos, recipes and more - online. Given the rising threat of obstacles such as ad blockers and the increasingly limited reach of organic Facebook posts, smart marketers are embracing bold new techniques to reach the multi-screen, always-on consumer.

For example, brands from Under Armour and Kraft Foods to Funjet Vacations are working with bloggers to produce branded (read: paid) content. In fact, our PR agency has enjoyed great success partnering with established bloggers who can reach - for a fee, guided by a contract - your target audience with original, promoted content on behalf of your brand.

To see exactly what I’m talking about, check out these posts below from Just BARE (client) partner blogger, Heartbeet Kitchen and Gold’n Plump (client) partner blogger, A Farm Girl’s Dabbles. Our consumer-facing clients have received marketable branded content from partner bloggers, plus a staggering number of consumer impressions delivered per campaign.


Sponsored blogger marketing campaigns go far beyond the number of online opportunities for your product to be seen (aka consumer impressions). To give you an insider’s perspective, here are four of the top benefits delivered to brands that work with sponsored bloggers.

Benefit #1: Sponsored bloggers give your brand exposure to new audiences and customer demographics.

When working with a sponsored blogger, consumer brands gain immediate access to that blogger’s unique visitors, subscribers and social followers. Brands can reach consumers in a way that advertising and other traditional marketing can’t touch. The best part is, these bloggers' readers are often a part of your key audience already. So, whether your brand is looking to engage consumers with the announcement of a new product, service or promotional opportunity, a sponsored blogger can help magnify the reach of your news. ROI can be measured through metrics such as blog comments, visibility, social engagement, social followers and web traffic to your brand’s digital assets.

Benefit #2: Sponsored bloggers deliver your brand message authentically.

Sponsored bloggers are often tasked with weaving your brand messaging throughout their post in a manner that isn't promotional. For example, the blogger could include your product’s attributes and facts about the company behind your brand. But, bloggers are able to insert this type of brand messaging in a natural, authentic way because, through years of experience, they know their readers better than anyone! What’s more, their blog readers have trust in the blogger and the products they represent, giving your brand instant (reflected) credibility.

Benefit #3: Sponsored bloggers help drive online traffic to your brand website and social media properties.

We’ve seen sponsored bloggers have an immediate impact on a brand’s search engine optimization numbers. Whether it be through shared links within a blog or a social post, bloggers can help drive traffic back to your brand’s website or social properties. This SEO boost makes a difference, especially when it comes to social sharing. The benefits for your brand and bloggers are two-fold. Bloggers want to drive traffic to their own websites, as well as increase social following on their properties. Therefore, when bloggers share their sponsored content on social media tagging your brand in the post, they’re not only driving traffic to their site, but to the brand’s properties as well.

Benefit #4: Sponsored bloggers give your brand access to original content.

In marketing and PR, nothing beats compelling, engaging and shareable original content. Every day, sponsored bloggers create powerful pieces of content that their readers enjoy. For brands like yours, this is fantastic news. Once a blogger has published their sponsored post, your brand can re-purpose that post as fresh social content on your own channels, links in a weekly e-newsletter, or even inclusion in your own blog posts. Bloggers can also sell the rights to their blog posts to brands. For example, your brand may purchase the rights to a blogger’s content to include in a piece of your branded content. Of course, all of this comes with a cost…


Make sure to watch out for Part II of our series as we break down key tips and trends for working with partner bloggers, perfect for brands looking to take a sponsored blogger initiative a step further in 2016!

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