What You Can Learn in 2017 from our Favorite MaccaPR Posts of 2016

Now that 2016 – our Minneapolis PR agency's 20th Anniversary Year – has rocketed to a close, join us for a tour of the most popular MaccaPR blog posts of the past 12 months. From crisis communications counsel for scandal-plagued Ryan Lochte and the cause marketing insights of former General Mills CMO Mark Addicks to a behind-the-scenes look at agency BBDO’s Dinty Moore “Lumbersexual” campaign and tips for redesigning your company’s blog — the MaccaPR blog provided marketing and PR executives (like you!) with insider advice from pros at Life Time Fitness, Kuno Creative, Fast Horse, Honeywell and crisis experts Jon Austin and Jim Lukaszewski. Let's dive back into your favorite posts from 2016 one last time!

the Top MaccaPR Posts of 2016

10. Your Top 4 Benefits of Working with Sponsored Bloggers (Part 1)
SponsoredBloggerHeader.jpgInfluencer marketing was a hot topic at the beginning of 2016 - and will without a doubt continue in 2017, especially among female demographics. According to the latest eMarketer report, 54 percent of female consumers purchase a product after seeing it recommended by an influencer. Still not convinced influencers are the right strategy for your consumer brand? Our resident influencer marketing expert, Leila Hirsch, shares an insider's perspective on the top benefits for your brand.

9. 7 Lessons That Ryan Lochte's Olympic Crisis Teach PR Pros
Who can forget the Ry7_Lessons_That_Ryan_Lochtes_Olympic_Crisis_Can_Teach_PR_Pros.pngan Lochte saga during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero? From what was orignally portrayed by Lochte as a robbery at gunpoint to security camera video footage that imploded the claim as a monumental fabrication, Paul Maccabee chatted with two nationally-respected crisis counselors - Jon Austin and Jim Lukaszewski - to discover what the 12-time Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer could have done differently that fateful night in Rio. 

8. 13 Ways Our PR Agency's Blog Blew It - And What Kuno Creative Did To Fix It
BlogDestruction.jpgOur MaccaPR Blog started the year strong with a newly-designed content hub - thanks to our friends at Kuno Creative. In this early 2016 blog installment, you'll find essential blog redesign tips that still ring true in 2017 and a brutally honest critique of our former blog. We ask you to please enter at your own risk...

7. 8 Marketing Lessons from BBDO's Dinty Moore 'Lumbersexual' Campaign
8_Marketing_Lessons_from_BBDO_Minneapolis.pngThe most pressing question of 2016: Can a lumbersexual become a lumberjack? The hairy, ax-wielding lumberjack lumbersexuals created by BBDO Minneapolis for Hormel's Dinty Moore was a local campaign favorite among the Maccabee crew in 2016. Amidst the humor, we also admired the insanely long-lasting client/agency partnership of 85 years in addition to gaining insight on branding lessons and driving content with character creation. 

6. Brand Values Q&A with Former General Mills CMO Mark Addicks (Part 1)
MaccaPR_Interview_with_Mark_Addicks.jpgOne of the highlights of our PR agency’s year was co-hosting an event with International Association of Business Communicators - Minnesota (IABC-MN) on cause marketing and brands that value social advocacy. Our event, and this resulting blog post, featured brand marketing lessons from former General Mills CMO Mark Addicks (pictured on right next to Paul) - and his thoughts on Cheerios’ “Gracie” TV ad, along with camps from Under Armour, Betty Crocker and Home Depot.

5. How to Transform Your Online Newsroom Into a Media Magnet
GetThePerfectOnlineNewsroom.jpgHow important is your company’s online newsroom? 66 percent of journalists visit an online newsroom every weekand 33 percent visit one daily. As newspaper and broadcast newsrooms continue to decline, companies must adapt to the shifting landscape with enticing online content for their media targets and public audiences. Inside this MaccaPR blog post, you’ll find crucial “Do’s and Don’t of a Successful Online Newsroom.” 

4. 5 Social Media Trends from #SMMW16
SMMWBrianFanzo.jpgThe Maccabee agency’s Leila Hirsch plunged into Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and brought back to the MaccaPR blog the latest trends from live video strategy and Snapchat to pay-to-play Facebook strategies.


3. Success Secrets of PR Legends: What We Wish We Knew Back Then (Part 2)
PR_Success_Secrets_Pt._2.jpgWhether you're 22 and starting your entry-level position or a seasoned corporate communications pro, we can all stand to learn a thing or two from our respected leaders in the PR and marketing world. In this second installment of PR success secrets, you'll find cardinal rules on everything from how to embrace your brand outside of the workplace to the simple - or daunting - task of improving your writing. If that doesn't make you want to read more, then maybe the household names of Life Time Fitness PR Director Natalie Bushaw and Explore Minnesota's Alyssa Ebel will.

2. Success Secrets of PR Legends: What We Wish We Knew at 22 (Part 1)
Success_of_PR_Legends.jpg"The people that end up leading agencies, becoming VPs and breaking new ground in our industry – they’re all people-first counselors who are far more adept at the softer skills than most," shares Arik Hanson of ACH Communications in our first MaccaPR success secrets roundup. This installment includes local PR greats, from Alexis Walsko of Lola Red PR to Greg Zimprich of Honeywell, who took their own hard knocks so you don't have to. And if you're still looking for more career advice, our very own Paul Maccabee also shared his tips for building a kick-butt, wildly successful PR career.

1. Inspiring Brand Marketing Campaigns Designed to Change the World
Can_Your_Brand_Change_the_World-.jpgFrom Under Armour to General Mill's Cheerios, some of our nation's biggest brands have embraced support for social justice, diversity and cultural change through their marketing campaigns. This made Maccabee wonder: How can you as a PR or marketing professional lead your company in taking a stand to address women's empowerment, racial tolerance and equality in your marketing campaigns - without alienating consumers or pushing the envelope too far? In light of our agency's IABC-MN event (mentioned in #6), we offered campaigns that will inspire your next brand program in 2017 to change the world.

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