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Since MaccaPR first launched in late 2012, we've averaged a new blog post nearly every week for our loyal chief marketing and PR officer, corporate communication directors and marketing professional subscribers. Just as we did in 2013 with "PR and Social Media Counsel from MaccaPR's Most Popular Posts," we're now taking a look back at the most successful recent posts on MaccaPR, according to our readers. From brand strategies and social media tips to content marketing and the death of PR spin, below are the top 10 MaccaPR posts of 2014 based on the most total views and social media engagement.

Top 10 MaccaPR Blog Posts of 2014

#1. "Is it website or Web site? A Social Media Grammar Lesson from the AP" was a Maccabee classic that contains a handy list of popularly-misspelled social media terms. If you haven't already, this is a great post to bookmark. Author Christina Milanowski promises to keep it updated.

Twitter Grammar Quote

#2. In "7 Lessons From A Brand Battle: Bose vs. Beats By Dre Headphones," Paul Maccabee compared the online marketing strategies of a stodgy brand to a cutting-edge leader in the headphone marketplace. His post features tips for how your brand can use YouTube and other social media channels to conquer your competition.



#3. On perhaps one of the most popular marketing topics of 2014 - content marketing - Maccabee published, "Become Epic with Content Marketing: Interview with author Joe Pulizzi." The Content Marketing Institute founder chronicled how earned and purchased space on media outlets is quickly being replaced by brands creating their very own content and publishing channels.



#4. In a round-up of experts that featured BBDO Minneapolis' Tim Brunelle, Bolin's Nathan Eide, FRWD's Aimee Reker and GdB's Tom Gabriel, Paul Maccabee answered the question, "Was Ellen's Oscar Selfie Worth $1 Billion to Samsung?"



#5. Marketing thought leader Arik Hanson and trademark law expert Kristine Dorrain helped us determine, "Should Trademark Symbols Be Used in Social Media Posts?" The verdict? Do what makes the most sense for your brand.



#6. "Spin" connotes deception, obfuscation, misdirection and other smoke and mirrors tactics to hide the truth. Gwen Chynoweth called upon our industry to end the use of the word in "R.I.P. For PR Spin: Ethics, Public Relations and The Imminent Death of ‘Spin’."



#7. Have we already moved past the "7 Social Media Trends in 2014 Live from Social Media Marketing World" chronicled by Christina Milanowski? I don't yet think so, especially with podcasting becoming a huge green field opportunity and the continued importance of advertising for brand visibility on Facebook. 



#8. From an in-flight video featuring a dancing Richard Simmons to the quippy "Do It For Denmark" campaign, Paul Maccabee assessed "9 Travel Marketing Campaigns That Will Make You Laugh."



#9. Paul Maccabee followed up his exclusive Joe Pulizzi interview with "5 Eye-Opening Lessons From "Epic Content Marketing": 1) Act More Like Media and Less Like Marketers, 2) Marketing Is No Longer About You, 3) Market When Your Prospects Have No Intention of Buying, 4) Your Marketing Goal Is Now Subscription, and 5) Be Patient or Buy Your Media.


#10. We divulged "4 Marketing Secrets for Viral Guinness World Records" from our firsthand experience setting Guinness World Records for clients, including Kemps' Largest Scoop of Ice Cream.



There you have it - your top 10 list of the most popular MaccaPR blog posts thanks to your engagement by way of views and social media engagement. For a closer look at past posts, we welcome you to peruse these past blog post categories:

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If you aren't already, please become a MaccaPR subscriber today (form is at the top of the page). Each post brings you marketing lessons drawn from brands like General Mills, Target, Procter & Gamble, Beats By Dre, Dove, Mentos, Apple, Samsung, Kmart, Verizon, Ben & Jerrys, Burger King, Charmin, Southwest Airlines and Under Armour.  

Thank you for making 2014 a great year - and here's to an exciting 2015 filled with more lessons on hot PR and marketing topics! 

P.S. Here's our top 10 list as a downloadable PowerPoint presentation on SlideShare:

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