Your Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing Techniques: 18 Blogs You’ll Want To Bookmark Today

OnlineMarketingBlogs.pngWhere can public relations and marketing pros like you learn the best and worst times and days of the week to post branded content to Facebook or Twitter? How to optimize video for search? The most effective way to convert website visitors into leads, loyal customers and sales revenue? How to reap the benefits – and avoid the pitfalls  of working with bloggers and YouTube influencers? (We’re talking about you, PewDiePie!) And what about improving your email campaign's open and click-thru rates, and your success in maximizing digital downloads, followers, views and shares?

Those were questions I asked while preparing for a lecture before a tribe of shiny-eyed, impossibly young and disarmingly idealistic PR students at Metropolitan State University in Minneapolis last month (thanks to professor Rose McKinney of the Pineapple RM agency for the invite). To satisfy the info hunger of those ravenous students, I curated this list of the most vital sources on social media strategy, video marketing and online communication:

Best Social Media Blogs

1. Buffer Blog – Produced by the social media firm Buffer, this blog is especially strong on advice for success with YouTube and Instagram. Recent favorite posts include:InstagramTakeoverBuffer.png

Don’t miss Buffer podcasts (which range from video marketing and Snapchat strategy to the storytelling secrets of National Geographic Travel) and its case studies, such as: “How I Grew My Traffic By Almost 50% In Just 30 Days Using Twitter.”

2. Social Media Examiner Blog – A lively marketing education site with 575,000 email subscribers, a weekly live video show and podcast, and a Social Media Marketing World event attended by 3,000 marketers. It’s all guided by author Mike Stelzner, whose own personal branding with 149k Twitter followers deserves study. Among our favorites:

3. Social Media Today – This online community portal published by a Washington, D.C.-based digital media company, offers practical, doable advice. Among our faves: 

4. Mashable – Offers snackably-short, snarky and pop culture-infused posts with a liberal attitude, such as “The Chelsea Clinton Guide to Taking Down Trump on Twitter.” More entertaining than it is mission critical for marketers, our fave posts include: “14 Best Quotes about Facebook’s Master Plan From Mark Zuckerberg’s Press Tour” and “5 Digital Marketing Trends that Will Die in 2017.”How-to-Find-Influencers-on-Twitter_2.jpg

5. RazorSocial – This Ireland-based social media tool site masterminded by marketing superstar Ian Cleary, is nothing short of exceptional. Among our fave posts (and we have a LOT of favorites from RazorSocial):

6. Business2Community – With 15,000 contributors to this content aggregation site, you’ll find a mixture of the merely OK mingled with the utterly indispensable. One value of B2C is that it’s open to publishing your bylined content: here’s an example of how B2C published a MaccaPR post recently. Check out these excellent posts:


Content and Inbound Marketing Blogs 

7. Content Marketing Institute – Joe Pulizzi, the Godfather of content marketing, generates a freakishly vast amount of podcasts, e-books, white papers and webinars on his discipline. Among our fave posts:

8. HubSpot – This Boston-based marketing automation behemoth’s blog is a must-read resource for anyone determined to keep on top of the dizzying pace of content, social and inbound marketing. It’s easily the best-written, researched and presented blog collection, including:


9. Pardot HubSpot’s rival, along with Marketo, has some lead generation and inbound marketing content, but it’s hardly as authoritative as HubSpot’s blog. Among the top Pardot posts:

10. Convince & Convert – This blog from Indiana-based digital marketing agency Convince and Convert, headed by popular author Jay Baer, has been named the #1 Content Marketing Blog in the world by Content Marketing Institute. Don’t miss C & C’s Social Pros Podcasts with such enticing content as “How a Ginormous Accounting Firm Uses Snapchat Like a Boss” and “How to Activate Your Employees As Social Media Advocates”--or these recent posts:

11. Digiday – This New York-based company operates the HuffPo of digital marketing, publishing posts that are by turns provocative (see “Confessions of a Black Agency Employee: 'I Want Help'” and “An Inquiry: Is this The Dumbest Commercial Ever Produced?”) and delightfully quirky, as in “Inside the Agency Bathrooms of the EU.” Among my fave posts:


12. KissMetrics – A blog about analytics, marketing and testing is produced by a San Francisco-based analytics company, the KizzMetrics blog offers insights into conversion funnels and optimization, performance tracking and A/B testing. A few of the best:

13. – Defiantly geeky, occasionally obscure and often brilliant posts on SEO and link building. We’re talking really geeky, like “How to Uncover Hidden Keyword-Level Data Using Google Sheets.” Among our many fave posts:

14. Outbrain – This content marketing and discovery blog contains wisdom from a content discovery platform that reaches a global audience of 557 million. Even when these posts are self-promotional, the insights are stunning, as in “Leveraging Your Video Analytics: Mining the Outbrain YouTube Channel". Other top posts:

15. Unbounce – From a provider of high-converting landing pages and overlay tools comes a disarmingly lively blog for lead generation and conversion optimization fanatics. A few of our recommendations:


Email Marketing Blogs

16. Emma Blog – It’s all email marketing, all the time at Emma – with a claimed 3,800 percent ROI, you can’t afford not to add email to your marketing toolbox. Start by downloading Emma’s free guidebooks, such as “The Ultimate Guide to Growing a Better Email List”. After that, don’t miss these blog posts:



Video Marketing Blogs 

17. Tubular Insights Blog  Produced by California-based Tubular Labs, whose tools track 1.6 billion videos across YouTube, Facebook and 28 other platforms. We recommend you check out:

Finally, how could you resist learning marketing from the “Top 5 Most Influential Female Saudi Arabia Creators on You Tube”?
18. Vidyard – This video management platform company with a quirky vibe, offers video marketing posts that occasionally veer into self-promotional territory, as in “The Story of a Storyteller Who Became a Vidyard Customer”). Our fave posts:


Gutenberg.jpegThe irony of the above list of online resources? My original mission was to identify papyrus-based books and magazines (yeah, they still publish and sell them) that every marketing student should read. Yet, because of the head-spinning fluidity of clock-rupturing, change-a-minute digital marketing knowledge, it’s only online resources that have the most up-to-date (and most easily updateable) intelligence for marketers.

Sorry, Mr. Gutenberg. 

Oh, and if you haven’t done it yet – here’s one final online marketing intelligence source to follow – our own MaccaPR blog, which you can subscribe to right now (for free) here

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Now, which online marketing blogs are on your list of essentials? And will you, slave to paper as I am, print out your favorite blog posts to archive in a stack on your desk?

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Paul Maccabee is president at Minneapolis-based Maccabee, a strategic public relations and online marketing agency.

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